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Boston's Best Views for Dinner and Drinks

With the northeast officially deemed semi-safer than everywhere else, it's time to celebrate.

If you're as stir crazy as we know you are, we've got your back. We've found the best places in Boston grab a drink outdoors so you don't have to breathe (as much) of everyone else's air while we're out.

We've even narrowed our findings down to the places that have the best sunset views. Yea, we said we've got your back and we meant it. Let's go.


lookout rooftop bar

1. Lookout Rooftop Bar

This rooftop venue is sitting on top of the Envoy Hotel in Seaport, and is booked Thurs-Sat every single sunset until September. You'll have better luck going by and waiting for a spot someone's abandoned. There's no penalty for not showing up to a reservation, so people reserve spots "just in case." Still, it's a rooftop that has drinks. Everyone knows drinks and elevated surfaces go hand in hand.


Legal Harborside

2. Legal Harborside

Welcome to the roof deck! They have drinks, comfy seating areas, and a one-of-a-kind view of the harbor. Hence, well, "Harborside", and yes, they do have oysters. It's got that classic, bougie seafood restaurant feel, but the view really makes it stand out. We've heard delicious tales about this place, so, again, if you can manage a reservation at any relevant time slot, you're in for a time. 


six west

3. Six West

It's booked. We recommend not using their "notify me" feature so that way we can get our reservations with less competition, but do whatever floats your boat. If you do land a reservation, you'll have a view of ALL the boats AND the sunset, which will look sensational. Cocktails, dinner, snacks galore; it's worth checking out if you can get inside.


Scorpion Bar

4. Scorpion

We do miss you, Scorpion. You always make for the perfect pregame. As of late, they're still in the game though with their drink and food options, as well as outdoor seating! You'll likely have to make a reservation, but it has a pretty decent view westward from inside. Sitting outside, there's a great energy to the area, and they've since made that Grand/Scorp plaza into a dining plaza, hanging lights and all.


yotel boston

5. Yotel, Deck 12

We almost didn't include this because the name "Yotel" makes us kind of uncomfortable, but it's ok. Deck 12 (sometimes called Sky Lounge) is a rooftop you can ingest drinks on while the sun sets, and that's what matters. 21+ after 7pm, it's only open until 11pm Fri&Saturday, but if you hide under a lounge chair you might make the late-night cut. "Smart casual dress" is required, so no Crocs, cowgirl boots, Patagonia vests, or Sperry's. That list isn't an official rule, but, again, we've got your back.


6. Rooftop @ Revere

You'll find this one on top of the Revere in the Theatre District. There's even a pool, but it's probably closed. However, there are still lounge chairs and plenty of entertaining space. Pre-Covid you could either purchase a day pass, or show up for free public hours after 5pm. Now, according to their site, you'll have to make reservations and show up at least 5 minutes prior to your time. They're taking great precautions to keep things sanitary which you can check out on their site.


colonnade rooftop

7. Colonnade Hotel

This place is great, and awful. Why, you ask? There is a $45 cover per person. We hope it all goes to the employees as tips. You can catch an amazing view of the sunset, which might just make it worth it. It's about who you're there with, and how you feel about yourself as a person, but this isn't a philosophy circle so let's move onto number 8.


pier 6

8. Pier 6

This one is technically outside of Boston, but we're including it because it has serious sunset potential. It's in the Navy Yard of Charlestown, where you can face the Boston skyline, Old Ironsides, and grab a bite of seafood over some martinis; (plural).


earls prudential rooftop

BONUS: Earl's at the Pru

Our final pick is a bonus. The prudential center's Earl's not only has a 3-season roof deck, but truffle fries. Truffle fries, guys. We'll see you there.