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Zoom Rooms Growing in Popularity

Realtors are now emphasizing “Zoom Rooms”, and home offices that have backdrops suitable for professional video calls. With more people needing a separate, quiet space to work, this special feature is becoming more prominent in listing descriptions.


According to SFGATE “A bougie $4.9 million listing tucked behind San Francisco's Buena Vista Park has a lot to offer, but the "impressive Zoom Room!" gets a higher billing than the wine cellar and hot tub in the realtor's blurb.”

There is a new demand for a professional space that doesn’t display your whole home. Working from home is starting to look like that "new normal" people keep mentioning. If the pandemic continues, everyone will need their own space, and rooms might start to fill up fast. Developers are including separate “video calling rooms” in condos that might not have the square footage available in each unit.


Technology is creating more opportunities to optimize the video conferencing experience. Zoom Rooms are now allowing offices to install surround sound, multiple cameras to capture the optimal angle, and different wireless screen sharing options. We see a shift towards a streaming environment as opposed to a webcam meeting, and we see streamers having the meanest Zoom set ups of all time already in place.

There are a lot of signs pointing towards the continuation of virtual workplaces, and the increased popularity of the trend reflected in real estate. Real estate goes with the flow of the market, and it looks like brick-and-mortars, as well as the idea of going into an office to work, are both dying. BAM's will always stick around when it comes to shopping and dining, but not having to commute an hour both ways just to work on a computer all day? Well, we don't have to sell you on the benefits there.