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7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Better

7 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Better

We recently wrote an article about "sorting yourself out," and now, like Daniel, we're back at it again to help you love your life marginally more than you did before, so let's get to it.

A lot of us are spending way more (read: too much) time at home lately. Covid has showed our homes to us, and a lot of us are seeing plenty that needs addressing. Hopefully nobody has gone full Johnny Truant, but there's no going so far that there's no coming back. If your house is a mess, we got this.

Some problems are potentially huge, and not all of us are skilled in trades. All of us have YouTube tutorials, which will usually cut it, but if we don't have the tools or the funds yet, we're out of luck.

A few temporarily immovable walls don't mean there aren't still plenty of opportunities for improvement. Checking off these smaller tasks will make you feel better about your space, and your life. We've taken some pages from the books of the designers and the Marie Kondo's of the world to bring you this list of how to make your space, and yourself, feel better during this semi-lockdown.


We're going to talk about something TV/movies say therapists might slap your hand for: compartmentalizing. It's easy for your space to meld into one massive blur if you spend too much time in it. It's easy to get, as the youth say "lost in that sauce."

Gucci Mane, too much sauce

It's like that feeling when you say a word so much that it doesn't sound real anymore, then you remember all words are made up, then you remember nothing is real, then you wonder why you don't recognize this all the time, and by the time your existential pondering is over, you don't even remember what you were doing in the first place.

Yea, it's like that.

If you compartmentalize your space, assign each area a role, then it will give you some kind of structure, which we all know we could use right now.

Depending on how big your space is, this process is different for everyone. You can even pull this off in a studio apartment though. The kitchen is for eating and cooking only. The desk is strictly work. The couch is all leisure, and your bed is for sleeping and staring at the ceiling wondering how long it will take for American's to all have the same accent.

If these examples sound oddly specific, pretend they don't and let's move on.

Play with paint

This is a great activity; flat out. Think of all the benefits of this. The list is too long for us to get into, so we'll just give you a tip. As of now, neutral colors are performing best on the market. You can have fun while you improve your home's value. Also, make sure you have good ventilation if you're actually stuck inside.

Sort out the house

We wrote a bunch of blogs on this already. Here's one.


With everything going on in the world right now, to take it all in all the time is unhealthy. Even if you're a fervent supporter online, we all need breaks so as to not go insane. There is a difference between engagement and compulsive behavior, and the latter is unhealthy enough to have ripple effects across other aspects of your life.

Psychologists adamantly recommend not checking your phone first thing in the morning. Develop a routine that works for you, and after you get yourself going, existing as your own person in your own day, feel free to dive in.

Give yourself a buffer from the negativity before you go into it because it's clinically proven that checking our phones first thing in the morning, whether texts or social media, causes anxiety and depression. If you're up for the challenge, maybe try a digital detox and set all the devices aside for a while. However long you want, just pick a number and stick to it is all.

Smells matter

Scent has powerful effects on our mood. Imagine opening up all the windows, airing the whole place out, and having the place smell like fresh air, recently cut grass, and rain. Yea, that's only the intro. If incense, candles, or essential oils (fun fact: peppermint gets rid of insects,) are too strong for you, just combine that smell with opening the windows.

You could even set the incense on the open window's sill. Gusts will blow the scent in with the fresh air, while most of it will drift outside. Talk about #balance and #namaste and whatnot.


This is your opportunity to buy all the plants. Not only do plants purify the air, but these living things in your home really do wonders for not only the aesthetic but the actual feel of the room. Once might even say, they supply the vibes.

If you don't really know what you're doing when it comes to plants, that's ok. You can even take photos of some rooms and go into your local greenery. They live for this stuff. Show them the photos and ask what they'd recommend, listen to their suggestions, and go match them up with your preferences. You can thank us later.

Flood the house

With light, not like Marv before he rebranded the Wet Bandits to the Sticky Bandits.

Something we want to note: everything we see is light. We don't see objects; we only see the light that reflects off of them. That means it's super important. Even Kanye West recognizes this, and hired a Light Artist to follow him and his team of architects around 24/7.

That said, it's easy to understand the importance of light. If you're a Realtor, you know the first thing you do when you get to a house is go through and turn on every single light. Some people will literally bring their own lights if the house is lacking. It's a vital part of how we perceive spaces because, well, it's a whole fifth of our total known senses.


That covers it! We hope you've enjoyed your read. Best of luck on your future projects and remember to contact us here with any and all your real estate needs!