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‘House in Wellesley' by 1100 Architect

Welcome to the "House in Wellesley."

This Minecraft-esque, white brick contemporary seems a tongue-in-cheek nod to a few things, and we love the borderline parody.

The design was crafted from the clients wishes, with some slight alterations. They wanted a cube sitting in a vast open landscape. The architects at 1100 Architect put their spin on it: two cubes. Two cubes? In a field? Groundbreaking.

We do actually love this though. Near perfect right angles and flat facades, they stand out in the perfectly imperfect environment that is nature-- even if it is meticulously landscaped. If the owners decide to keep up with the times and let a more natural, slightly unkempt garden emerge, it'll emphasize that modern aesthetic that much more.

The interior's steel-frame structure opened the door for something you don't get to see often. The open floor plan is unhindered by those blighting support columns you always see in the middle of wide-open interiors. There is even a roof terrace that utilizes the whole of the space perfectly.

This house was specifically designed to last a century without any real problems. To paraphrase, it was designed to last for the full cycle of a family. Although, our life expectancy is on the rise, and technology is evolving at an exponential rate, so we'll call it as the architects did...

The hundred-year house, check it out below.



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