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Gala Asher, the Most Famous Person You Don't Know, Lowers the Price of His Spec House in the Hills

Gala Asher, a developer out of L.A., just took a small discount off the top of his listing in The Hills. A short $30M, bringing the price down to $95M, should effectively turn some heads.

This home was designed for the ultimate entertainer. After a voyage up the driveway, you come to gates that you shall not pass, unless you have express permission from the tech-savvy owner, of course. Vast outdoor space, and a list of indoor hotspots ranging from a home gym to a complete barber shop. There is even a full, optional glass wall that reaches from the lower to the upper levels, offering a view to the backyard pool; a space surprisingly vast for this zip.

The massage room and accompanying spa is where you would find us at the party, or potentially the basketball/tennis court downstairs. Yes, as in "inside". A full sports complex, along with a home gym thats as contemporary as it gets. The list goes on.

And then goes farther.

Gala Asher is essentially a ghost online, which in 2020 means he hardly exists. It's evident from his client list, ranging from owners of sports teams to Kylie Jenner, that he's playing the game well though. 

We'll let the listing speak for itself. And speak eloquently, it does.



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