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Pharrell's Mulholland Drive Palace: Back on the Market!

14175 Mulholland DriveOff in the Beverly Hills, two years after buying it, Pharrell Williams is selling his incredible Mulholland Drive home for a modest price of $17M.

At 46, the artist, mogul, seemingly immortal multi-hyphenate bought this manor for $15.6 million in 2018 from Tyler Perry. According to public records, he put the property under the name of his manager. At 17,000sqft, this glass house is titanic. 10 beds, 11 baths, resting atop 4 acres.

Four acres sounds like a lot. It is. A 200-foot-long driveway leads you across the grounds to the 30-car court. Who knows if even that's enough room. The grounds have koi ponds, tennis courts, and waterfalls.

Williams, double-digit Grammy Award winner, multi-nominee for Academy Awards, and so much more, has an incredible catalogue under his name. Also worth digging into are affiliations of his: N.E.R.D., The Neptunes, and Child Rebel Soldier. We recommend you check him out more thoroughly if you haven't already. You don't buy $17M mansions, and get bored of them in under 2 years, without earning them for a good reason.

If you want a look inside this place, here's where to find it:

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