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Selena Gomez Purchases Tom Petty's Old Estate

This March, Selena Gomez shelled out $4.9 million to purchase Tom Petty's old house-- yea, the same one an arsonist claimed in the 80s. Gomez is headed to Encino, an area with a strong market right now, from her home in the Hidden Hills; the place all the celebrities stay to follow Machiavelli's "ruler's must live in the territory" rule.

10,000-square-feet designed for the eccentric. Three levels, plenty of space outdoors, and a design that melds the interior and exterior seamlessly. Stone, brick, and glass; classic beauty despite the eccentricity thats seemingly inherent to California's 10%. 

The photos show the quality of life Gomez just acquired. A sprawling estate nestled amongst the trees. Exceptionally modern, still a bit too "2010's gentrified" for 2020 but that's ok, one look and it's easy to see the potential it has. Imagine all the white replaced with another color? Neutral, but powerful. It would change the whole place.

Hopefully she's short enough to use the stove without hitting her head off the arch every time, but that's an easy fix, and frankly that bathroom makes the price tag worth it on its own.

We would love to see how Gomez fixes the place up, but take a look at it now. What a starting point.