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Half a Million Acres for Half a Billion Dollars

Billionaire Brad Kelley just listed some serious acreage. Half a million acres, worth half a Billion dollars.

Yes, Billions, like Billiam Gates. Captial B, no cap.

$96 million will get you Dawson Elk Valley Ranch in New Mexico. 50,658 acres. It got it's name due to the various herds of animals you'll find on the expanse. Possibly they're drinking from the Vermejo River, which runs thru about 11 miles of the land.

$404 million will get you Brewster Ranches, the Texas property he listed, which is marginally larger: 420,000 acres. If that seems unruly, we can help you better understand; the entire state of Rhode Island, the entire state, is only 775,900 acres. The space contains 22 properties which were acquired over the years-- a lot of them, as you can imagine. The first property has a river going through it, this one has multiple important land features going through it, sitting inside it, and even some looking at it from a distance wishing they were part of the club.

Mr. Kelley built his fortune via assisted suicides-- well, not exactly. His wealth comes from selling cancer and a headrush: tobacco. We can only hope his selling these properties means he is falling on hard times, but we wouldn't wish that negative energy on anyone. So drink your water, please don't smoke, and check more photos below. For any questions you may have about global real estate, click the link below.


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