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Buying a Property During a Pandemic?


Coronavirus is, unfortunately, not only a health issue, but an inevitable business disruption.

If you have been planning to buy a new home this 2020, despite the situation, you still can. Should you?

Businesses are suffering. This week the government has ordered temporal closure from all restaurants, bars, and other businesses. [EDIT: As of 3/24, all nonessential businesses are forced to close.] However, the crisis has not affected the housing market yet. Several industries are on hold, and a prediction is only a guess. The economic impact seems to suggest fewer available listings. 

On the another hand people that have job security, and are capable to afford an investment, should take advantage of lower mortgage rates

Homeownership benefits include tranquility and certainty. As long as you can make the monthly house payment, take advantage of the situation. If you take the time and research testimonials from people that purchased property during the economical crisis of 2008, then you can learn from their experiences.

Bottom line is that, among uncertainty, we have to try and keep things moving forward. Remember to contact us for all of your real estate needs, even during this crisis. Stay strong, stay vigilant, and STAY HOME! Back to you, Chet...