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Real Estate Business and Coronavirus?


Is there anything the real estate industry can do to prevent/minimize the spread of the coronavirus? We're all handling this one day at a time, but with forethought we can find the opportunities sprouting from this catastrophe. Part of planning for the future is dealing with the present, so let's get into how what we can do now for the future.


1. No meetings

This past Sunday, Governors in several states prohibited gatherings of over 25 people. Massachusetts' Governor has also asked for no Open Houses until further notice. This is a move in the right direction, and almost all agents in the state are now operating strictly Virtually.


2. Organize Virtual Tours

As we explained above, homebuyers shouldn't attend a showing, but they can do a virtual tour. 3D tours, like Matterports, are a great way to keep potential buyers interested in a property. These are excellent tools to understand, crisis or not.


3. Go Virtual

Besides a phone call, an email, or a text, people can still communicate via platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts. Get creative and keep in touch with your people. Negotiations can be held by these platforms in arguably more efficient ways than in person.


4. Social Distance

Part of the real estate business comes from socializing, being present at showings, meeting sellers and buyers,  and driving around a neighborhood or city with a real estate agent. These practices cannot continue during these circumstances, keeping a distance from one another is a highlighted recommendation from experts. If socializing is absolutely necessary, then remind people the importance of not showing up if sick and no handshakes. 


5. Hygiene!

Real estate offices are promoting personal hygiene, sharing hand sanitizer and having equipped restrooms to properly wash your hands. Besides, cleaning constantly desks, electronic equipment, carpets/rugs, and so on. 

When visiting a house, real estate agents take all the necessary precautions to avoid risky situations and thus continue offering their clients the best service.


6. Follow Indications

Among the pandemic crisis, can we actually "remain calm"?  well, the answer is probably no, but we have to make an effort and try to do so. Scientists, politicians, doctors, and nurses, are all trying their best to stop the coronavirus from spreading even more. It is up to us, "the population" to follow all given indications to avoid getting sick and infect the elderly, who are actually the demographic that suffers the most by the disease. 


Stay healthy and keep doing your usual (from home) ,and remember, in every situation, there is an opportunity, go find it!