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How to Properly Clean your Workplace to Avoid Coronavirus Spread


Cleaning and disinfecting properly your workplace is a highlighted recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention amid the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 has been responsible for shutdowns of schools and offices across the U.S, therefore, the situation within the workplace is a matter of importance. Managers should be introducing hygiene policies to avoid unwanted spread.

According to the CDC, the virus can still be viable for hours or even days, depending on the type of surface and the material. This is a reason for best practice measures to change, meaning after cleaning the surface a disinfection process should be applied.

Washing often your hands is a good start, as well as, sneezing or coughing properly, however, bacteria and virus that stays within the environment can be hazardous, so offices can be at high risk.

Deep cleaning will include sterilizing all surfaces such as desks, chairs, keyboards, phones, screens, door handles, blinds, copy machines, etc. Plus, do not forget carpets and rugs. Keep in mind that in order to get this cleaning level, managers will want to hire professional cleaners since they can guarantee that the office space gets properly disinfected.  Fees for extra services can go from:

$3 to $5 for a set of blinds. 

$15 to $35 for inside cabinets.

$25 to $35 for the inside of a fridge or an oven. 

If an office needs to be sterilized (because of contact with an infected person) the price will obviously be higher but it must be done if necessary.

Talking to your co-workers and staff about the importance of personal hygiene won't hurt either. These recommendations are meant to be followed by all workspaces, mainly to avoid the spread of the virus. Keep those offices clean and coronavirus-free!