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Northland Newton Development


The Northland Newton Project is the future green neighborhood in Newton, MA, which focuses on sustainability, wellness, connectivity, and permeability. The 21st century-project will connect the Newton Upper Falls village, located on the east bank of the Charles River, to Needham Street. 

We have good news! After three and a half years of overcoming meetings, and engaging with neighbors, local businesses, the community, and every other stakeholder interested in the outcome, the project was recently approved by the Newton City Council! 

The Northland Newton Development will be a 22.7-acre assemblage containing 10 acres of open space, 800 new housing units, 140 affordable housing residences, 180,000 sqft of office space, 115,000 sqft of retail space, and more!




Some of the benefits of the project are as follows:


  • Increasing the number of affordable and workforce housing to 140 units.

  • Creating the largest Passive House Residential Community in the U.S.

  • Underground-parking.

  • Increasing open space to 40% of the overall.

  • Undergrounding 1.5 miles of utility lines.

  • Free 7-day a week shuttle to the Newton Highlands MBTA.


The exciting part is that it will be built under green initiatives in collaboration with LEED For Neighborhood Developmentand it will have many benefits in addition to 750 new trees getting planted!

The bottom line is that this development will enhance and further develop Needham Street by providing new business, jobs, and reverberating new life throughout the whole area, leaving us more and more excited for the future!