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Russian Billionaire, Valery Kogan, Lists Manhattan Condo for $45M

Valery Kogan, Russian billionaire, co-owner of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport, is listing his Plaza Residences condo for an astonishing $45,000,000.



The elegant residence has assimilated a second units in the Plaza Residences, adding up to a sprawling 4,500 sqft of living space. The spacious condo includes four bedrooms and four bathrooms. 

The heart of the residence is the great room. 1,500 sqft, 43 feet long... it's a sight worth seeing.



The master bedroom is extraordinary. Featuring gold leaf and crown moldings in the ceiling, and a chandelier, it is one of the most ornamented rooms in the condo. To drill the point in, it's construction includes imported onyx and rose quartz, and there are inlaid floors. 

The condo's baroque-style decorates the whole space except for the kitchen, which only received a gilded cabinet hardware as a tasteful understatement.

For $45m, all of these luxuries are warranted. When you own one of the largest airports in the east, you might as well enjoy the finer-- no, the finest things in life. 



Learn more about this one of a kind listing clicking here!