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How to Buy Off-Market Properties


Housing demand is high all year round, and supply can become short during the winter season. Besides, some properties have caught a homebuyer's eye, but unfortunately, they are not for sale at the moment. Therefore, we recommend the following for those buyers that are interested in living in a certain house, city or town, like Newton MA, that is wanted by many for its superior schools, low crime rate, ample public transit, or real estate opportunities from large estates to reasonably sized condominiums. 

Several properties remain off-market, and would not be known publicly to a general buyer. This is why we suggest to keep contact and have a relationship with a real estate agent with the in-depth working knowledge of the area you are interested in buying, to find those hidden opportunities.

Real estate brokers know that many homeowners are willing to sell but are hesitant about going through the process of having an open house, with showings and prospective buyers around their properties while the house is publicly listed. Commonly, homeowners have a relationship with a brokerage firm that brings them qualified buyers without going public, allowing a quiet and private transaction, without the typical bidding war.

The inventory of off-market or unlisted properties can often be larger than the amount of publicly listed homes. If this is something you are interested in reach out to our offices in Boston and Newton Centre. We will happily help you!



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