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This Chestnut Hill Manor is Just... Sensational





This surreal estate in Brookline's Chestnut Hill is breathtaking down to the details. Crafted by local renowned architect Richard Landry of Landry Design Group in collaboration with interior designer Joan Behnke & Associates, this property is a diamond in the clear.

Our bloggers here at the top of the Castles Unlimited Space Needle in Newton fell in love with this property once we saw it. We haven't said anything, but couldn't hold it in anymore. Not when the guest house has a spa. Or was it the yoga studio that's out there, and the spa next to the gym? Well, might as well look again and see.

It's right next to The Country Club, which was the first country club in the country. You can imagine the views from a house situated next to one of the most prestigious clubs in New England. While you're sitting in the pool that's too beautiful to get out of, keep an eye out for incoming golfballs from the ninth hole. The property itself is sitting on five acres though, so someone will have to really, really want to hit you. They're probably upset that you got to the Wayne Manor before they did.

There's a recurring theme amongst the windows here, which you can see below, and we're loving it. The brick with the large black (wrought iron?? maybe? no, hopefully) paned windows remind us of a warehouse repurposed for luxury living; of compressing decadence from coal-dust-coated poverty. The inside of this rare gem, thanks to interior designers at Joan Behnke & Associates, looks far from repurposed. (If you artists at JBnA read this, great job, congrats. Tell LDC for us that we love that slant above the front door next time you see them.) Modern opulence and borderline divinity is the aura of the interior, probably thanks to all the light from those super cool windows.

Well, we know you're capable of looking at the photos yourself, so we'll stop waxing poetic and let you get on with dreaming of your future life of wealth and health. Just don't forget to appreciate the mini courtyard as if we were there hyping it up for you, because the hype is well-deserved.



You're still here? What are you waiting for, click a pic and check out the rest.


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