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Real Estate in Massachusetts this 2020

Every year we can find the real estate industry changing and, despite negative commentary, we are here to tell you that 2019 was a good year! In fact, selling ratios was consistent with the prior years. In this post, we review and prove that this is the right time to be selling or purchasing a home! 




Selling prices tend to go up because of inflation, fluctuations in demand and supply, and many other factors. As you can see, the comparative changes between 2018 and 2019 were minimal for some counties in Massachusetts.




The chart below shows market fluctuations over the year. It demonstrates that there is, and will be, plenty of supply available from home sellers for the current year. This chart also shows the peak seasons for home buying are spring and fall. 



We're also seeing the number of home sales by month for 2018-19, and how sales are in fact growing every year. Therefore, we Dickinson expectations for 2020!

September and October, as we can see in the chart, were one of the best times to buy since 2014.


2020 outlook looks great. January has been a busy month for home sellers and buyers, and if you are considering to sell a property, our suggestion is to do it as soon as possible. As the market dictates selling prices must rise, listing sooner than later will assure you a good and faster deal! 


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