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Massachusetts Priciest Real Estate


Massachusetts is known as one of the most expensive places to live in America. Boston, our largest metro area, has the highest median price per square foot among the largest 100 cities in the US. However, you can find modern housing for reasonable prices all over the Bay State. Single-family homes and apartment buildings are always being remodeled or redeveloped because of how lucrative the market is here. Due to the history, quality, and location, asking prices can get pretty high, therefore, we are disclosing in this post the most expensive, historic and luxurious properties in the state.




First, we will detail the historic brick townhouse at 8 Mount Vernon Place, Beacon Hill, Boston, the selling price of this real estate gem is $25,000,000 ($2559/sqft).

The second place is awarded to the family home located at 17 Louisburg Square, which is valued at $20,000,000 ($2693/sqft).

In third place, we have a beautiful residence located at 14 Walnut St. costing $15,000,000 ($2106/sqtf).



Let's now take a look at Boston's most expensive condos. All-new luxury properties located at the Back Bay and the Downtown area. 

First on the list is the new super luxurious Millenium Tower's "Grand Penthouse." It boasts over 13,000 sqft of living space with panoramic views of the Boston skyline and ocean. The price tag of $45,000,000 makes it one of the most expensive condos in the world.

The next two properties on the list are located at the Mandarin Oriental. The penthouse at 776 Boylston St. Unit PH2E is a 6,800 sqft residence with sweeping city views, valuated at $28,000,000. Followed by the residence 776 Boylston Street Unit E9A which has 3,500 sqft of living space, encompassing three bedrooms and luxurious appliances, valued at $12,500,000.

The greater Boston area has plenty of properties that are both modern and luxurious, take a look!

Brookline is known for its grand estates, like this outstanding residence located at 150 Woodland Road. This property is next to The Country Club, the first in the country, which greatly improves the value. Living here also makes you neighbors with The Brady Bunch.

Tom and Gisele's property is valued for $33,900,000, earning it second place. Not earning the top spot is new to Tom, and we hope he is handling it well. 

In third place we have a Queen Anne Victorian residence located in Brookline Village with a price tag of $13,300,000.




Condos that are topping the list include 27 Colechester, which is valued at $4,200,000. The property has 7,000 sqft of living space located near the Longwood medical area. Second to that is 20 Fuller Street, Coolidge Corner, Unit 3 for $3,498,000, and Unit 2 for $2,999,000. 

There you have it! The top luxury real estate in Massachusetts. Don't miss a chance to scoop up Boston property while mortgage rates continue to stay low! 


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