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Important Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home


If you are hoping to sell your property this year, but you're not sure where to start, then we encourage you to call a realtor! Here we discuss elemental questions you should ask your agent in regard to the sale of your home. Let's get into them!


1. Can I see your credentials? 

Always a good idea to make sure your agent is in fact a licensed agent. You can check this in many better ways, but don't be afraid to ask if you must! By doing this you can be sure that he or she will have access to multiple listings services besides MLS and can sell your property in less time. 


2. How many sales did you close last year? 

While this question can be a little weird to ask we encourage you to do it since by doing so you can be sure he or she is the one to go with. You can add to that question, what is the price range and description for the homes the agent has sold. This might give you an idea of what to expect from the agent.


3. Do you know this neighborhood?

Working with an agent that is familiar with your community will ease the selling process of your home. Remember that when a buyer is interested in your property he or she will be asking questions about the neighboorhood and your realtor has to answer without hesitation. You want someone who is an expert in exactly what you're looking for.


4. Can you tell me how will you define the listing price?

Your real estate agent will have to land on a listing price that will be appropriate for the value of the home. Ask him or her to explain to you how was that number defined. If the selling price is too high then it will discourage potential buyers. On the other hand, a listing price that is too low will only leave you with missing capital.


5. Will I be working directly with you?

This is an important question although it does not look like it, because sometimes communication could be direct with the agent, or they can send a member of their team. You want to find out who will be performing the showings and attending the meetings. By asking you can negotiate with the real estate agent if you are not comfortable working with the team member.


6. Will selling my home become a cost?

Ask your agent if he or she thinks that you should update your home before selling. It is good to know upfront how much the broker's commission and closing fees will cost you. 


7. Do you have a selling strategy?

Marketing is key to a successful sale. You should ask your agent which strategies they plan to utilize to sell the property. Nowadays agents use social media, websites, and other platforms to market real estate properties, so, though they're the expert, you want to make sure they have a solid strategy. An older agent may not utiliz


8. How can I get my house ready for a sale?

A agent sells houses for a living, so any competent one will know what they're doing. Ask them what you should do to prepare and they'll know exactly what to do. They may suggest painting certain rooms, fixing certain things, staging, etc. There are plenty of ways to prepare your home and boost the value of it on the market. Work with your agent to find what works best for you and your goals.


9. Can you please tell me what's the best way for us to communicate?

Real estate agents are usually busy people, so asking them which is the better way to get in touch with them is beneficial for both parties. Texting or sending an email might not be as effective as a phone call, but we leave that to you and your agent to decide. It's worth noting that they also want to make the process easiest for you, so they'll use whichever means of contact you said is best for you. This is a simple way to either make sure it works both ways, or to do them a favor and maybe communicate through their favorite channel instead.


10. Can you give me a time-frame for the sale?

No agent can guarantee the date of a sale, but they can estimate how long will it take to sell the property based on the selling price, the location, the neighboorhood, the condition of the home and by other factors that he or she can explain to you.


Asking these questions and receiving feedback from your real estate agent will help you trust their work and define a good working relationship! Good luck!