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3 Home Decor Tips to Help You Sell Your Home

Getting your home ready to show buyers can be an overwhelming process, so it's a good thing we're here to help! Here are three tips that will help your property stand out among other competitors and leave a good impression on your buyers! 


Tip #1 Flowers 

Fresh flowers and plants will make the buyers think this home is well cared for. It enhances the whole aesthetic, and there are options for every taste.

Tip #2 Good Lighting

Brightening the darker areas of your home with lamps or natural sunlight is imperative. Light is incredibly important for any space and can change someone's entire perception and mood. Imagine a calm and cozy lowlight red salt lamp versus a white LED tucked into contemporary crown molding. Maybe a high-rise condo where the whole east-facing wall is floor to ceiling windows that floor the place with natural light, especially during sunrise. Compare that to a home with dark corners everywhere and dim yellow lighting from table lamps around the house. The lighting in any space makes a world of a difference.

Tip #3 Aesthetic Theme

People like to see patterns, so aesthetically cohesive environments stand out and please us. The market is showing that, on average, blue and grey contemporary themes are doing well right now, but remember, focus on where things are going not where they are! Talk to interior designers, look at mood boards, or develop your own and give it a shot if you're creative! It's no easy feat to create a memorable interior space, but it will certainly boost the value of your home!


There you have it! Three tips that should help you sell your home in no time. Still, the best tip we can give you is to contact us here at Castles Unlimited. We look forward to hearing from you!