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How Many Houses Should You Look at Before Buying?

Finding the perfect home takes time, so we need to exercise patience in the process. It's important to look at a few different options before pulling the trigger, but how many houses should you look at before making an offer? 



There is no magic number, so you can look at as many houses as you want. Technology allows you to look at hundreds of homes without spending that much time. Searching online is a great way to get foundational knowledge about the market, the neighborhood, and the home itself.  It can also help you narrow down the houses and neighborhoods within your preferences. 

When viewing in person, your resources are more limited. Don't stress yourself by wanting to see 20 or 30 homes in a day, that is not possible, you will get overloaded information. Viewing three to five homes is ideal. Don't feel exhausted if nothing jumps out. Keep communicating with your agent and starting again another time. 

After viewing 5 - 15 homes, you will likely have an idea of what's available in your price range. You will broaden the knowledge of the market. But be careful not to look at the details too much and over-analyze them, you could miss an opportunity. 

If you have done enough research then you may feel comfortable buying the first home you see. It's possible and common in extreme seller's markets, but it is always a good idea to view a couple of homes. The first house may seem perfect until you see a few more, but there is always something better out there. Will that something better work for you is the question, so if you find something you love that works for you then don't let it slip. Be careful with FOMO though, it could rush you through the decision when there are better things out there for you. 

Buying property is a big decision, especially if your finances aren't especially bolstered. People who have a hard time making decisions may feel overwhelmed, but that is where a great realtor becomes your best friend. If you let yourself trust in their expertise, they will get you into the perfect home for you. Our agents here at Castles are happy to help make that a reality for you!

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