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The Luxurious Estate Villa Real Shangri La in Costa Rica

Shangri La, according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, means a remote, beautiful imaginary place where life approaches perfection.  Everything about that definition describes perfectly this exquisite Villa Real luxury estate, other than, imaginary, of course.  While it would seem far fetched to own over 5000sq meters of completely private land, with a sense of remoteness in the heart of one of the most coveted gated, residential communities, this masterpiece is real, and for the first time in its less than 10 year history, is now available for sale.

Villa Real, situated on a hillside on the border between Escazu and Santa Ana, is a premier gated, residential community that combines convenience, exclusivity, and security, all within the backdrop of a lush green tropical forest, and stunning sunset views in the forefront.  Villa Real offers dual access for its residents, as well as resort-style amenities including walking trails, semi Olympic swimming pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, and a gym. While Villa Real is host to some of the Central Valley's finest luxury estates and homes, none can compare to the creation that we call Villa Real Shangri La.

Upon arriving at Shangri La, you will come to one of the only private gated entrances, within Villa Real which is where the true sense of arrival begins.  As the iron gate slowly opens, you will know you have arrived.  Unlike most homes in Villa Real, the entrance to this estate is a flat, slowly winding concrete paved road, lined with lush greenery on either side.  As you meander around the first curve, you will experience sensory overload as the view opens up dramatically combining what seems to be endless views of the mountains, and surrounding valleys, with a stunning, contemporary tropical residence in your peripheral.  As you continue to approach the residence, you will find an expansive, private cul de sac arrival, with multiple garages both for daily use and the collection.

Upon entering the home, which unlike most homes in Villa Real, sprawls horizontally as opposed to vertically, you push through the massive pivoting door and your senses will continue to be amazed.  The entrance to the home abounds with natural light and the infinite views and forest in the backdrop, as the "back" of the home is lined with windows from top to bottom.  You will find a warm, visitor's bath at the entrance with stone fixtures, and textured wallpaper.  As you walk towards the social areas of the home, you will be drawn to the unique, glass floors of this space, which allow you to visualize the bar and casual living room on the lower level, straight through the sliding glass doors to the backyard.  Moving towards the left of the main floor, you will find a living room, dividing the dining room on the other side with a half wall, hiding a large, flat-screen tv, and access to the terrace, pool, and backyard, on either side through the wall to wall, sliding glass doors.  The vaulted ceilings throughout this entire space are lined with natural hardwoods, which, together with the glass in the backdrop, and the marble floors in the social areas, create the perfect combination of finishes for a contemporary, yet warm residence.  To the other side of the dining room, the sights, and Smells begin to loom from this one of a kind, chef's kitchen whose stainless steel double island and appliances truly reflect and exude both the luxury and elegance of this home.  The kitchen is equipped with every bell and whistle imaginable, and like the other social areas, boasts direct access to the expansive terrace, pool and football field like yard in the forefront. (behind the kitchen, you will find laundry and service as well as a two-car day garage)...

Wish to learn more about the house and its amenities in detail? Click here!

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