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Le Faucon in Virginia

"Le Faucon” translates from French to "the falcon", a spiritual bird that carries the symbolic meaning of success and luck. Sited in privacy on five woodland acres, this luxury property is the quintessential estate set amidst the Great Falls National Park. You will be surrounded by absolute tranquility and scenic beauty. 

As one of the most beautifully built estates in the wealthy community McLean of Virginia, Le Faucon is an all-inclusive “resort” that offers you a sweet home, a riding arena, a tennis court, etc...

In Le Faucon’s backyard paradise, what’s more pleasing than jumping into the pool, getting a natural tan, and enjoying the sub-tropical weather of Virginia?

If you are a horse lover this estate adores you with a pristine 5 stall horse barn with a multi-room upper level-office and a fenced paddock.  

Masterfully crafted with unparalleled quality, presenting grandeur and sumptuous comfort in equal measures where luxury and nature intersect.  The result is an expansive and flowing design that spans over 13,000 square feet integrating 7 bedroom suites, plus a carriage house apartment.

The upside of owning a commodious house is that you will have multiple rooms for you to have fun!  This elegant walnut-paneled library offers you plenty of spaces for your books, collections, couches, and even a pool table.  In another room, you have your wine cellar to store your favorite Château Lafite.

If you can’t get enough of this one-of-a-kind masterpiece, click here for more information! 

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