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The Importance of an Office at Home


It seems that more and more Americans are choosing to work from home. Some may have a remote type of job, others might have their own business that they run from a home office, and still others may run stock portfolios from their home office.

This is changing the real estate business since more home buyers are taking into consideration a space where they can install their home office. This trend among the well-educated professionals and business managers is made possible by the major technological improvements that we have today.

Although remote workers still represent a minority, the numbers have been growing over the years.  The US Census reports that 5.2% of the working population works remotely.  Realtors are noticing the importance of offering houses with a private office space.

The majority of home workers are interested in having spaces or rooms that are private, where they can take their calls and work on their computer without interruption. 

The pros of having your office at home are:

  • Expenses become significantly lower, which means no additional rent and utility payments, parking expenses or transportation costs.
  • Tax advantages: most home owners can deduct a portion of maintenance and utilities on their taxes or even depreciate the percentage of the home they use as an office.
  • It creates the possibility to spend more quality time with your loved ones.
  • Plus a nice home office adds value to your home, which is one of the biggest benefits that you will get.

With a home office your work life and your home life will quite possibly reduce your stress, increase your productivity, reduce expenses and can also make your life more pleasurable.

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