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Best Home Improvements After You Move In

After you get your key, you’re excited about living in your dream home. You’re unpacking boxes and ordering new furniture online. But before you settle in, there are a few home improvement tasks you want to get done.

1. Replace the locks

Just think about how many people who have had contact with the keys over the years. It’s the most basic safety check. You need to either replace or rekey your locks.

2. Change alarm batteries

Moving is stressful. Changing the batteries for the fire detectors doesn’t seem to be an urgent thing to do at the moment. But alarms will keep your family safe in the future. Do it now before you forget!

3. Caulk cracks and gaps

Using caulk to seal cracks around the house, including bathtubs and windows, will prevent your home from leaking, drafting, and other nuisances that could inflate your utility bills.

4. Childproof! 

You should childproof your new house if you have young kids. Installing safety gates and keeping blind cords out of children’s reach are musts for small children.

5. Deep clean carpets

Just imagine how many people have stepped on the older carpets. You should deep clean them now before the furniture is in your way.

6. Clean hardwood floors

This is another project you want to get done before the furniture is in your way. Adding a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water can dissolve grease on the floor.


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