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Should I Stage My Home?

Adding certain furnishings or decoration can help bring an older home into the modern era. You want to show your audience the potential that your home has, and sometimes this means trading out your older furniture for something newer and cleaner.

However you do need to be careful not to mislead anyone, this is more true for renters than for buyers, because in some cases people rent fully furnished apartments. In either case, make sure the potential occupants will know exactly what they’re getting, or what they’re not getting without being rude.

That being said, here are the easiest and most effective ways to spruce up your home on the fly.

Show The Space

In this case, size does matter. Adding a sofa or some larger furniture is a great way to take up some of the space, and show off some modern style at the same time. 

Incorporate Art

Art doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, there are a few ways to spice up your space for much lower than you’d expect. The first is to purchase some high quality prints and frames-- once you have them you can use them for multiple listings. The other choice is to rent art for cheap on a website like TurningArt, or even create it yourself if it won't scare away buyers.

Lighting is Key

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to change how people see a space. See if you can improve upon out of date fixtures and find a light tone that will work with the paint colors and furniture. While your home should be well lit, you also want to make sure it won’t feel like a doctors office.


This one can be tricky, and expensive if you aren’t careful. In order to keep costs down, ignore the details and focus on the big picture items like fallen trees of overgrown plants.

Add an Office or Studio Space.

Many homebuyers are looking for versatility in their home- a small office space that can show them how productive they can be might ease their stress while making a big investment.