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Social Media's Impact on Real Estate

How is social media impacting real estate? You’ll find that agents are being encouraged, and in some firms even expected to grow their social media followings.

Social media often gets a bad rap for being home to over paid influencers, but for Agents whose success is determined by their reputation, social media can be a great tool for self promotion. In reality, social media is ideal for real estate agents looking to build their brand image. It shows that they’re not only well connected, but also in the know and in touch with what’s happening in various markets today. The type of content creation that agents do is often ideal for social media; showing a property in its “best light” so to speak.

Social media is also a great way for agents to build their network. Once a following has been built, it becomes even more easy to grow it. Keeping this extended network up to date on your recent listings can be a great marketing tool to help build interest in your listings, especially from using tools like stories that have a higher engagement rate than average feed posts.

If an agent has built up their social media following, if they’re smart, they can leverage when trying to get exclusivity on a listing. And since some agents work hours can be quite irregular at times, this gives them opportunities to work on their social media game. Social media is just another variable in an industry that is changing fast. It can either be a great tool or your worst enemy depending on how you use it.