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Top Skills of a Successful Agent

In order to be a successful real estate agent, you need a variety of important skills to make sure you are doing your best for your clients. But there are some that you simply cannot succeed without, these are the skills that will make or break you.


Communication skills are vital in this industry. Offers can come and go quickly, so an agent needs to field them to clients in a timely manner. An agent also needs to know how best to communicate with their client; do they prefer text? Call? Email? When is the best time during the day to reach them? Agents have to naturally communicate with great effectivity because people can sense when people are disingenuous, and it always leaves a bad taste.



Real estate agents need to be honest with their clients about their expectations. The faster they can come to real common ground about the value of a property, the sooner the house can be sold and all parties can happily move on.



One of an agents most valuable abilities is to receive feedback from prospective buyers and help the seller make reasonable suggestions based on it, while still maintaining their goals. These changes don’t have to be dramatic but even smaller changes can add up to create a different atmosphere.



Marketing is an important skill for any real estate agent. A home doesn’t sell itself, and people need to be made aware of the property. The channels that your agent uses to market your property should mirror the target of your buyer.