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More Purchases of $1M+ Properties Than Previous Years

According to recent data from the Luxury Home Index by®, $1 million-plus transactions are increasing annually at a rate of 25%, with the average property lasting on the market for 105 days.

“Continued growth in high-paying jobs and stock market inertia have reignited many luxury markets this year,” says’s director of Economic Research, Javier Vivas. “We’ve seen a substantial increase in buyer demand for high-end homes—even with prices and costs of ownership swiftly on the rise.”

Here is a list of the fastest-growing luxury markets:

Sarasota County (Sarasota, Fla.) : $1 million

Collier County (Naples, Fla.) : $1,674,000

Queens County (Queens, N.Y.) : $1,258,000

King County (Seattle, Wash.) : $1,511,000

Monterey County (Salinas, Calif.) : $1,962,000

Santa Clara County (San Jose, Calif.) : $2,774,000

Boulder County (Boulder, Colo.) : $1,327,000

Santa Cruz County (Santa Cruz, Calif.) : $1,616,000

Snohomish County (Everett, Wash.) : $801,000

San Mateo County (Redwood City, Calif.) : $3,475,000