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Everything, Including the Kitchen Sink

When you start designing your apartment, or are shopping for an apartment, the look and functionality of the kitchen is pretty important. You might look around at the appliances, are they stainless steel? How high are the cabinets? Is there sufficient counter space? However, something you might not give a second thought to is the sink faucet. 

The sink faucet can actually affect the functionality of the kitchen and the overall look of the space significantly. If the faucet is too large, you can be limited in what the sink can be used for. No one wants to think twice about whether or not they can fill their vase or water pitcher in the sink. 

In addition, the size and finish of the faucet relative to the atmosphere of the apartment and the size of the kitchen is important. Having a small bronze faucet in a big, marble kitchen or having a tall, brass sink in a small Boston apartment might look strange. 

There is also a decision to be made concerning the sink handles. A single handle to adjust the water temperature might be easier, but individual hot and cold handles might be more attractive depending on the space. 

The devil is in the details and this is one detail that certainly matters.

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