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Holy Luxury

Could you live in a church? This 19th century United Methodist church has been converted into a home! 

Photo Source: Anthony Esposito

This property in West Tisbury, Massachusetts is going for over $1.6 million! While the church has been renovated to make it more suitable for home owners, a lot of the original structure and detail remains. For example, the restored tin ceilings are intact and even the hardwood floors are made from old repurposed pews! 

The 0.76 acre plot of land includes a small two bedroom house outside of the church that has been redone bottom to top to even include brand new stainless steel appliances and a steel staircase. Despite the newer features, you will still be reminded of the building's origins because the tower still has the original, fully functional bell! As far as unique properties go this is certainly one for the books!


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