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A Name Is Worth A Thousand Thoughts

A house is a place you eat and sleep. But more than that, a house is a home.  A home is where you make memories and reach milestones. A home is constant as you change and grow. A home is a safe space that you call your own. So why not call it by a name instead?

Photo Source: Dan Driscoll

Many people name the things that they care about, like cars and boats, so why not name your house? Your house is the backdrop for some of your best stories. A name adds character to a home, be it a vanity name or a historical reference.

There is evidence that houses with names, specifically of historical significance, have seen benefits in price as well. Think about how many homes house hunters see in one day, or one week, or one month. Any edge you can have as a seller is crucial. Giving your house a name might make it more memorable to potential buyers, perhaps increasing the likelihood that offers are made on your house. It also increases the significance of your house, which could increase the value of your home to buyers. 



Photo Source: Richard Malaceck

This is a trend very popular in the United Kingdom, but you see instances of named houses and buildings all across Massachusetts. However, it is not limited to New England. Most other states in the U.S. can also be seen with homes displaying their names proudly on quarterboards and the like.

Picking a name might not come easily, but is ultimately worth it in the end.

What’s in a name? A lot if you’re talking about your house [Boston Globe]