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Hubway Launches New App

Photo Source: Curbing Cars 

Hubway just launched a new app on June 25th that allows you to rent bikes using your phone. 

The new app builds on the previous version which provided riders with a map of Hubway docks around the city. The map also shows riders where bikes are available and how many dock spaces are available at stations. 

Now riders can save even more time by buying passes and renewing memberships directly through the app. Have trouble remembering your key? Now you can unlock bikes right on your phone. The app will prompt you with a 5 digit code to type in on any bike. Once you are done with your ride the app will send you a confirmation notification that your bike has been docked successfully. 

Finally the new app will keep track of your long term stats. How many miles your rode/calories you burned per ride and your total mile count of your membership. 

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