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Roof-Deck Craze Takes Ahold of Boston

Photo Source: Timeout Magazine 

Above is Rooftop@Revere one of Boston's many luxury roof-deck locations. Whether in the form of a bar, restaurant, pool, garden, outdoor entertainment center, outdoor kitchen, or a combination of these things; Boston has gone roof-deck crazy. The Boston Globe reported on the growing trend that is changing the Boston skyline and culture. 

Five years ago roof-decks were scarce. If you were lucky enough to have access in your building it meant climbing up a questionable staircase, usually to a heavy overhead hatch. Once you got up there, your 'roof-deck' experience usually consisted of hanging out on a bumpy tar surface while avoiding the edges and the sheer drop they entailed. Now, every new building comes with several decks and every home owner wants to put on in. The Inspectional Service Department counts over 2,500 decks in the city today and states that the number is rising quickly. 

The nature of the roof-deck has also changed drastically. While many may be satirized by having a beer on their fire escape, others settle for nothing less than creating a full yard space on their roof. The most luxury roof decks come with pools, outdoor grilling space, oversized flat screen televisions, and garden space. Decks of this kind can cost upwards of $250,00 or more to create.

If you can afford it a roof-deck is a great addition to your home and a great way to compensate for the lack of personal yard space in the city. Whether you want to go all out or settle for a more modest patio space a deck is sure to increase your enjoyment of your home. If you aren't interested in building one yourself there are many in the city you can enjoy. Hotels such as RevereEnvoy, and the Colonnade have beautiful rooftop bars. Additional spots include Daedalus Restaurant and Pub in Cambridge and Ristorante Fiore


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Revere Hotel

Envoy Hotel 

Colonnade Hotel

Daedalus Restaurant and Pub

Ristorante Fiore