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The Coolest Homemade Items on Etsy Your Home Needs

Etsy is your classic one stop shop for all things homemade and handcrafted.  Looking for something unique to add that finishing touch to your home?  Here are some of the top trending items on the site at the moment.


1) Personalized Book Art


Etsy store owner Luciana Frigerio specializes in making custom art out of old hardcover books.  Have the initals of you and your significant other (like this one here) etched into the pages, or choose an inspirational word that means something to you.  Prices start at $150 for any custom four letter piece, and go up to $275 for nine letters.  


2) Mini Plant Pods


Looking for a pop of color on an otherwise drab wall?  Vasula from Etsy store LemonCucullu creates mini spun sugar pods in all sorts of bright, cheery colors.  These yarn baskets are great for displaying air plants (which are sold separately), and are a great way to display your greenery sans the traditional pots.  The mini pods sell for $13 each, but larger ones can be made by the store owner.  


3) Pet Portraits 


Want to show all your houseguests your affection for your furry friend?  Look no further - Etsy has a whole line of personalized products just for showing off your pets  If you're looking for something more than just a framed picture, try getting a pillow - Ana Raquel Ribeiro Silva from Etsy store camelotia will knit your pet's face into a pillow based on the photos you send.  You can also get a full body rendition of your pet - Helen from Etsy store gappyGOBS makes realistic pillows that are shaped exactly like your dog or cat.  


4) Merino Wool Throw Blanket 


Anna Mo, owner of Etsy store Ohhio, was one of the first to gain popularity for her giant, fuzzy blankets.  Using only merino wool, she uses her arms as knitting needles becase the fabric is so thick.  Not only does this piece look more stylish than your classic blanket, wrapping yourself up in one of her soft, fluffy creations is the perfect way to cozy up after a long day.  Anna sells a 30x50 blanket for $295, but larger sizes are available.  If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, you can purchase a 30x50 blanket from Maria Consenza's store for just $86.  


5) Paper Doll Portraits 

Family pictures aren't all that uncommon in homes - but what about a portrait of your family as paper dolls?  These quirky, adorable designs by Jordan Grace Owens are the perfect untraditional way to display your family, and the dolls can be posed however you desire.  Just send in photos of the members of your family as requested (don't forget dogs and cats!), and Owens will work with you to design your dolls to look just like you.  Currently, a framed portrait of four goes for $168, but her shop currently isn't accepting orders due to a long waitlist.  Can't wait?  You can shop for similar looking dolls from LaCatrinaArt.


6) Spice Rack 


This DIY spice rack has magnets that stick directly to the fridge, and although practical, it also serves as a unique art piece.  The kit comes with 24 small hexagon jars,and clear labels so that your spices can be clearly identified.  When the jars are full, it creates a rainbow of earthy tones that look great displayed in any kitchen.  You can get a set of 24 for $100 from Beth at GneissSpice, as well as extra jars and labels.