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Homebuilding Design Trends To Watch For In 2017

Earth tones

Picture sandy browns, oranges, reds, greens and plum colors. The hue can be light or dark but the colors should be muted and calming.



Wallpaper is back but not the floral kind from your grandparent’s walls. Today’s wallpaper is all about geometric patterns and natural designs (picture tree branches, water, waves or other natural prints)

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Textured wood floors

While this was common in 2016, it’s evolving. Textured wood is overtaking the traditional glossy wood. Wire brushed and hand scraped wood are trends to look for.


Natural materials

Wood and stone particularly. Stone is great for countertops while granite or quartz is elegant in the bathroom. Modern wood paneling, flooring and exposed beams are also making a comeback.


Tuxedo cabinet

Tuxedo cabinets features dark lower cabinets and lighter walls and upper cabinets.


Hidden appliances

While stainless steel or colored appliances provide a nice contrast, the trend is shifting toward hidden appliances. Cabinet faces for dishwasher and refrigerator doors and drawer-style microwaves are going to be popular.


Walk-In Showers

Spa bathtubs are out due to water waste and maintenance hassles. Tiled walk-in showers have been creeping their way to the top for a while now and will be even more popular in 2017.

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Open floor plans

There are tons of benefits to  a combined living, dining and kitchen area and luckily its among the emerging design trends. Fewer and fewer homes will features formal separate spaces anymore.


Dark wood finishes

Dark wood is going to overtake light this year. Modern design is all about contrast so dark wood against a light background is the perfect contemporary combination.



Look for recycled materials, reclaimed wood and other sustainable building supplies

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