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Quick Tweaks That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster

It’s almost spring and with that comes a new buying season. Getting your home ready for a sale doesn’t need to include expensive remodeling. Most of the time, all you need is a few tweaks here and there. Here’s a list of easy touch ups you can do around your property to get it ready for a spring sale.

Landscape and exterior tough up
Curb appeal can make or break a sale! It’s the buyer’s first impression and will color their experience of the rest of the home. By checking for loose gutters, trimming plants, repainting the garage door (if needed) and wiping down outdoor furniture, you’ll be making the impression that your property is well kept.

Make all door and entrances stand out
Your front door needs to be at its best. Fix it up with a coat of paint and new doorbell – it will make a world of difference. Don’t forget any other entrances as well! Make sure all knobs and locks work and that the doors look nice (no chipped paint, no scratches etc). It’s an instant facelift for your home

Touch up your walls
Peeling paint, stained wallpaper, holes, and cracks all need to go! Fix scruff marks, paint cracks, and nail holes. If your walls need a little more love, apply a fresh coat of neutral paint, especially if you have an unusual wall color that could rub someone the wrong way.

Make sure everything in the kitchen works
Replace falling knobs, clean appliances and make sure all drawers pull out smoothly. Your buyer should be able to see themselves cooking in it. It never hurts to throw some plants or fresh-cut flowers on the counter to brighten it up. 

Clean your floor!
So simple yet so overlooked: a clean and well-maintained floor speaks volumes. Get rid of old, scrappy rugs and clean any stained carpets. You can DIY or rent a carpet steamer for cheap.

Showcase storage
Keep your home neat and make sure everything has its place – buyers will get the impression that your home has plenty of storage and space for their things. You can also DIY some easy storage by repurposing a garage wall.

Scent it right
Nobody is going to enjoy spending time in a house that smells musty. Clean and fresh is the way to go so clean everything (including stinky pets – even if they don’t smell to you, they might to someone else).  Stay away from air fresheners, it makes it seem like you’re masking something. Stick to a natural scented candle in a neutral flavor such as pine or fig. 

Finishing touches
Add a few finishing touches here and there to pull each room together. If you can’t redo a whole bathroom, easily update the faucet, towel rack showerhead, and valves. Fresh white towels wok wonders too!