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Easy Ways To Revamp Your Landscaping For A Spring Sale

Curb appeal is one of the first things buyers notice. If it’s messy and unkempt, that first impression will color the buyers opinion of the rest of the home. Fortunately it’s not costly or time consuming the spruce up your yard. Here are few tips to get started:

Take care of the grass

Cutting the grass at least once every week and a half will keep it looking trimmed and maintained – any less than this and it can get unruly.  Make sure you also water it so your lawn doesn’t turn brown. If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire a professional landscaper to maintain the balance of trimming and growth.

Add a shade tree (or two)

Shade trees help keep the lawn green by retaining moisture. Also, depending on their placement, they can detract from the glare of the sun which keeps your home cool in the summers. 

Install outdoor lighting

Good for illuminating the house at night and accenting the parts of your lawn that you want to highlight, outdoor lighting really ties your landscaping together – and makes it easier to see at night.

Add perennials for a pop of color

If your front yard has a lot of  green that’s a good start but you should also have some color. Use perennials - they last for years (with proper care), require relatively little maintenance, and come in a wide variety of colors.

Keep everything clean and clear

Get rid of the leaves, keep your walkway clean and make sure your siding, porch and front door are clean.


Follow these steps and get your home ready for the spring market! List with us here at Castles Unlimited to guarantee you get the best deal possible. Contact us today!