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Buying Historic Homes


Boston's historic homes are beautiful reminders of the rich history of our city and help account for the unique architecture that attracts so many to our city. It is easy to fall in love with one of these vintage homes; here are a few things to note when you buy. 

Historic Property Registry: 

The first thing to look into when purchasing a historic home is to find out if the home is a part of the state or federal historic building or neighborhood registry. If the home is protected under one of these programs then there may be some limitations on the amount and type of renovations that can be made to the home. The National Register of Historic Places may protect some of the buildings features in order to preserve its historical architectural significance. This may limit your ability to do serious reconstruction on the property such as adding an addition to the home. However, most renovations and updates can be done at the owner's discretion. 


Are you aiming to restore the home to its glory days? Do simple cosmetic work? Do a full update to the interior? You have many options when you begin remodeling your new home. If you wish to keep your home as true to its original condition as possible you can do preservation or restoration. Preservation is restoring the home back to its original purpose and means maintain as many of the original features as possible. Restoration would include undoing any updates that have been made that don't reflect the time period in which it was built, and putting back in features that closely resemble that of the original structure. If you are simply looking to freshen up the property, you can do simple or full renovations to the home. This can include doing repairs, updating kitchens and bathrooms, and any other updates to the interior. 

Benefits to Ownership: 

Besides having a one-of-a-kind home there are many benefits that come with ownership. Many state and local governments provide benefits such as tax breaks, and lower interest loans to help with home improvement for owners of historic properties. If you intend to preserve the home, restoring it with as many of its original fixtures as possible can also help to increase the value of the property. 

Whatever you decide to do with your new home, you'll love being the proud owner of a part of Boston's history and culture.