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4 Common Mistakes Sellers Should Avoid

As you start checking things off your to-do list, it’s also important to know what not do.

Don’t over-improve

Sometimes a couple of changes will result in a great return on investment. Updating appliances or replacing that cracked cabinet are good improvements. But don’t over-improve or make improvements that are hyper-specific to your taste. Make only necessary updates but don’t go above and beyond.

Don’t over decorate

Taste is subjective, what you like someone else may not. Stick with a neutral decorating scheme so it’s more universally appealing.

Don’t hang around

If your agent lets you know that they are bringing over buyers later, rally the family and head to the park. Buyers want to imagine themselves in your space and with you there it’s hard tot do that. It’s awkward for them to walk around judging your home while you’re there.

Don’t take things personally

Real estate is a business but selling and buying homes is very emotional. Don’t take it personally.