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New Year, New Room - Easy Ways To Revamp Your Home Decor

It’s that time of year again when moods shift to out with the old and in with the new. So why not turn this resolve to your home décor?  Here a few simple, cost-effective ways to switch up your space with minimal effort.

Try an accent wall

If the walls are looking drab or the just needs a full on refresh consider about repainting.  This is definitely a hefty task so if you don’t want to go all in on all four walls, just do an accent wall. Using a bright or bold color is a great way to liven up the space without having to commit the whole room.

To choose an accent wall, enter the room and see your eye is drawn first – that should be your statement wall. Don’t go for the one with tons of furniture or art – try to balance the space.

Add curtains

If the windows are small or don’t provide a great view – consider switching up the drapes. To make the room feel larger, try hanging the curtain rod slightly above the window and purchase curtains that come to slightly above the floor. This will instantly elevate the entire space. If the room is looking a little dull, try bringing in curtains with a pattern or textile texture to mix it up.

If you’re worried about blocking out the little natural light the room gets, opt for sheer curtains instead of solid. This way you’ll get the décor benefit of drapes while also letting the light through.


This is definitely the cheapest option because it requires no additional supplies. Is your couch shoved up against the wall? Is the room being choked by an overflow of stuff? Is there a natural walkway or focal point? Reworking your layout so its best suited for the purpose of the room will completely freshen up the space. For extra out-of-sight storage, try putting your couch diagonally across the corner and put extras behind it.

Switch out the rug

This could be all it takes to pull the room together. Consider size, shape color, pattern and material (you want it to feel good under your feet).  Choose wisely, a carpet has the power to completely change the look and feel of a room.

Use art and accessories

If you like the large stuff (sofa, coffee tables, bookcases) but still want a change try looking smaller. Adding new art or table top/bookcase accessories can subtly change the feel of a room. Accent pillows are an easy place to start and equally as simple to switch out.

When accessorizing a room, use the rule of three – if you add something in one place, consider subtracting in another. Pick and choose your knickknacks o they add personality, not clutter.

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