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Open House Prep Checklist

The driveway

First impressions are key and this is probably the first thing buyers will see when they arrive. Make sure all the elements are in order - the exterior door, house number, mailbox and garage door. Freshen up the paint and landscaping as well and make sure to move any cars in the driveway or in front of the house. Also make sure there is a clean walkway to the house.


You can DIY or hire a professional but this step is so important. You want the air to be fresh too so make sure to air it out before the open house.


It’s hard to imagine yourself in a house that’s covered in someone else’s things. If the sellers are still living in the house make sure that everything is as streamlined as possible – counters and tables are cleared, the floor is clean and visible shelves are organized.

Small touches

Stage the home with simple, universal touches such as flowers, bathroom towels and perhaps a couple pieces of art. It will help others envision themselves in the space and create a welcoming atmosphere.


Good lighting can make a room appear larger and more inviting. Open all the blinds and curtains and turn on all the lights (even if its sunny). Its also a good exercise to make sure they all work.

Remove personal items

Obviously you want the buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home. It’s hard to visualize a space as your own when someone else’s family photos are scattered around.

Provide essential information

Make sure to have flyers or brochures ready. You don’t want potential buyers to leave empty handed – they may be looking at many houses that day and your handout will remind them why your listing is special.

Here are some local open houses going on this week.