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Small But Essential Details To Check For In A Potential Home

important details to check for in a potential home

When looking at potential homes, it’s important to keep your focus and not be swept away by the big features. Yes -the house may have the vaulted ceilings or massive fireplace you’re looking for, but don’t let this get you off track.

There are little details that can lead to major issues down the line. Here’s what you want to keep an eye out for in every potential home:

The windows

Make sure the thermal seal isn’t broken, the glass isn’t cracked and that the windows shut fully. You should also make sure that at least one window in every room will open in case of emergency. Some older homes may have windows that were painted shut to help lower the utility bill. It’s also possible some windows haven’t been opened in years.

The basement

Don’t skip this one! Whip out your phone and turn your flashlight on because this detail is key. Check for any dampness, mold or water damage. You don’t want to find dangerous mold after you’ve already bought the place.

The attic

If there’s light coming through in places it shouldn’t, the house may have roofing problems. Also very important is the amount of insulation in the attic. If there isn’t a decent amount of insulation, the house will be difficult (not to mention expensive) to heat and cool and you may have to add it later.

The flooring

Check the flooring in every room to make sure its in good condition. If it’s carpeting, check for stains and wear and tear. If its tile, check for cracks and tiles that don’t seem to be secure. For wood flooring, make sure it’s secure and not warped. Linoleum should be fully stuck to the ground and not coming up around the edges. It may seem a pain at the time but you don’t want to buy a house only to find that you need to replace half the floors.

The neighborhood

Its not technically a part of the house but sometime people forget to look into their potential future neighborhood. One of the key things to look into is the schools. You may not have children yet but its always good to know. A few other things to be aware of are closest hospital, grocery store etc. A quick crime stat check couldn’t hurt either.

The commute

Again, not technically part of the house but it will be a huge part of living there. Don’t just punch it into Google maps and think you’re good to go. You should actually drive the route at the same time you would be using it every day. What is supposed to be a 15-minute drive might actually take 45 when rush hour comes around. Try a few different routes to see if you can make the commute the amount of time you want.

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