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5 Easy Maintenance Tasks You Should Always DIY

Maintaining a home is expensive – around 1 percent of your home’s value goes to maintenance each year. Anywhere you can save is a plus. And when it comes to simple tasks, you should be prepared to roll your sleeves up.

Here are five maintenance skills you should have under your belt:

Repairing a leaky faucet

Leaks can cost a ton of money to fix. Before you dial your plumber, try shutting off the main water supply, taking off the faucet’s knobs and check the washers, steams and O rings for signs of damage. Take them to the hardware store to find exact replacements.

Stopping a running toilet

Remove the lid to the tank behind the toilet, and check the flush lever, rubber flapper, lift chain, float ball, pump and overflow tube. A running toilet usually only requires a simple adjustment or replacement to fix.

Removing stripped screws

Place a rubber band or steal wool over the screw and try to remove it. If that doesn’t work, use a screw extractor.

Cleaning the gutters

Twice a year grab your gloves and eye protection and get up there to remove debris and leaves.

Opening a stuck garage door

Find the red cord hanging from the ceiling mount and pull it to disconnect the cord from the motor.