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Questions Every Home Seller Should Be Prepared To Answer

Home sellers are ending summer on top – with high demand and sales at their strongest in nearly a decade. If you’re planning to list your home in the coming weeks, make it as accessible as possible to buyers by answering all their questions.

There are a few aspects about a home that every homebuyer will want to  know. This information may seem insignificant to advertise initially, but it could make the swing between yes and no.

Here are the questions every home seller should be prepared to ask:

  • How old is the home? When was it last renovated? How old in the roof?
  • What structures or fixtures are included in the list price? (Appliances, ceiling fans, lighting, shed, swing set, window treatments, etc.)
  • What are the home’s annual costs (Electric, municipal water, gas, oil, lawn care, pool maintenance, etc.)
  • Has the home required asbestos, lead or mold removal? Has the home been tested for radon?
  • How is the home heated and/or cooled? How old is the heating and/or cooling system? How old is the hot water heater?
  • How old is the wiring? Is it up to code?
  • Has the well water been tested?
  • Is/was an oil tank buried on the property? Is there a septic system, cesspool or drywell?
  • Are there any outstanding permits or liens on the property?
  • What are the homeowner’s associate feed? What is the move in fee? What amenities or services are provided by the HOA?

Answering these questions up front is not only useful to the buyer, but it may even lead to an offer much sooner. A serious buyer knows what they’re looking for and the sooner they find it, the faster they’ll want to buy it.

Meet with one of our realtors today to find the answers and sell your home today!