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4 Summertime Treats for You and Your Home

With summer on its way out and fall fast approaching, you're probably doing your best to soak in the sun while you still can. However, there are a few things you can do with your property that will make what's left of the summer even more enjoyable. Each of these four projects can bring an extra boost to your summer!


Cool Drinks and Warm Nights Are Better With a Deck

One of the most desirable home improvement projects for those who like to spend as much time outdoors as they can is building a deck. Deck construction is one project that can actually be speedy enough to still get a good use out of it before the temperatures change. Decks are perfect areas for relaxing and entertaining!

Beat the Heat with an Air Conditioning Upgrade

An air conditioning upgrade just might be the perfect summertime treat. Though a bit more expensive than a milkshake, good air conditioning is an even better way to stay frosty, no matter what the temperature is outside. If your central air was installed a few decades ago, upgrading to a more efficient condenser will not only be a treat when you're relaxing inside, but when you open your energy bill, too!

Treat Children to a Remodel of Their Own

Where adults often see warm weather as a perfect setting for relaxing and taking it easy, when it comes to kids, summer means no school, popsicles, and, of course, playing outside. A backyard play area, playhouse, or even some new landscaping (it's incredible what kids can think to do with even a mound of dirt) is certainly feasible on short notice!

Bathroom Remodels

Okay, on the surface, a bathroom remodel might seem an unlikely project to consider a 'summertime treat.' However, when you think about how nice washing away a sweaty summer day can be, replacing old, worn out shower and bath fixtures with ones that do a better job can be more appealing than a day at the water-park! One of the most popular home improvement projects in the country, bathroom remodels are an investment that you'll enjoy all year round!



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