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7 Exterior Home Improvements That Increase Resale Value

Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling your home, 71 percent of prospective home buyers say that a home’s curb appeal is an important factor in their buying decision. Here are seven exterior home improvements that can increase resale value and help sell your home even faster:

Replace Your Front Door: A standard 20-gauge steel door can cost around $1,230, but that investment can more than pay for itself. A quality front door replacement can bring you a return of around 102 percent, which makes it a great bang for your buck.


Updated Landscaping: A quality landscaping job has the potential to net you a whopping 252 percent return in increased home value. Updated landscaping can increase a home’s value by 28 percent and have it sold 10-15 percent quicker.


New Paint: Most prospective homeowners tend to look at what they need to update or work on in the homes that they look at. Repainting your home can cause less stress on the buyer since they know that the job is fresh and adds to the look of the home.


Add Home Automation: The average cost of adding home automation into your residence is around $2,100. Most smart locks are available for under $250. For such a small purchase cost, homeowners can expect a full return on their investment and may even present their property as a ‘smart home,’ which is a hot market term right now.


Add a Privacy Fence: Having a quality fence can drastically change the look and security of your home and property. The average cost of a wood fence is $2,450, but homeowners can expect to get 100 percent back in updated home value.


Updated Windows: According to Energy Star you can save from $125-$465 per year on energy bills. While you may not recoup the entire cost of the new windows when you sell your home, many prospective buyers will see value in energy saving additions. 


Pressure Wash: Pressure washing is hands down the best bang for your buck in terms of rejuvenating the exterior look and feel of your home. For the low average price of $236, you can have your home professionally pressure washed. You can also rent a machine at almost any home improvement store and turn it into a weekend project for yourself.