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5 Design Tips To Update Your Space for Under $500

Sick of your normal surrounding or thinking about selling your home? Try one of these easy renovations. By thinking smart and considering options that will have the greatest aesthetic impact, you can minimize your spending and maximize your style.

Kitchen cabinets

For less than $500 you can paint your kitchen cabinets. This is far less expensive than redoing countertops or remodeling your whole kitchen But cabinet color plays an enormous part in the look of your kitchen. Go for a classic white to introduce a sense of neutrality. Then you can add colorful or neutral accents to tie in your personal style. If you want to go s step further, swap out your faucet. You can get a chic brushed chrome head for under $100.

A new appliance

It’s highly unlikely that you could find a full appliance package for less than $500 but you can find a great deal on a single item. Try looking for scratch and dent items – they’re discounted due to minor imperfections which can usually be covered up by the wall or the angle. You’ll save tons of money and won’t even have to see the imperfection.


Across the board, good natural light is a huge priority for buyers. By having lighter colors on the walls you can amplify the sunlight and brighten the room. Bringing in new fixtures to replace any eyesores or outdated lighting can help update your space. Hanging a couple pendant lights in your kitchen is one of the big trends today and will only set you back an average of $100.  

Bedroom refresher

Remove unnecessary pieces to update the space and remove clutter. Make sure you have the necessities such as nightstands to give the room a cozy feel. These are also great to help style your room with stylish lamps or cool kick knacks. Lastly, pick up a new bedspread – you’ll be surprised what a huge different a crisp fresh bed set can make.

Architectural texture

Crown moldings can in fact be DIYed. Materials only cost around $1.20 a foot at Home Depot. However, if you’re less power tool inclined try peel and stick wallpaper. You can dress up an entire wall in minutes without the hastle of paint. These peel and stick patterns come in textured looks such as reclaimed wood for a cozy feel.

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