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6 Tips for Bringing the Indoors Out This Summer

Now that the cold, wet dreariness of winter is a distant memory, it’s time to rejoice in the sunny outdoors. But what do you do if you’ve gotten so used to spending your days cooped up inside that you’ve forgotten how to take advantage of your backyard? bring the indoors out! With a few DIY tricks, you can spend your summer indulging (comfortably and with style) in everything the outdoors has to offer.

1. Don’t sacrifice comfort

If what you love most about your living room is the enormous cozy couch that also takes on the role of the perfect setting for reading, don’t hesitate to bring it outside. Not literally of course, but today there are endless options for patio furniture, plenty of which solely focus on comfort. The best news: you don’t have to sacrifice style either. When the time comes to choose fabrics and a color pallet, get creative! Nothing says summer like hues of blue and yellow. After all, you should be craving something brighter after enduring many months of gray.

2. Accessorize

Things like pillows, rugs, blankets, and mirrors are usually thought to be indoor accessories, but you can also create a desirable outdoor living space using these items! There are a number of weatherproof rugs that can spruce up an outdoor dining area. Not only will they add a touch of formality, the right rug will act as a comfy resting spot for you and your guest’s bare feet; the same goes for pillows! The last thing you want in your backyard is an uncomfortable seating area, so use a few fun throw pillows to upgrade your space.

3. Bring on the shade

When you really think about it, the only thing that differentiates the indoors from the outdoors is a roof. If you’re worried about getting sunburned this summer - or you are someone that prefers reading or enjoying that morning cup of coffee under some shade - it might be time to consider a pergola, gazebo or large umbrella.  Purchase a cheap pergola at your local hardware store, or find a DIY option online. A gazebo is another great option for shade, gazebos are appealing because they are essentially their own rooms, but outside. Both pergolas and gazebos are also great for further accessorizing. If you want to keep things simple, think about a cantilever umbrella; you can find these in varying sizes, which is perfect if your backyard is on the smaller side but you still want the option to get away from the sun.

4. Warm up the evenings

While summer days can be painfully warm, summer evenings tend to cool down and bring a breeze. Don’t cut your days short by retreating indoors when the sun goes down, but rather, invest in an outdoor fireplace or pit. A fireplace is perfect for a flare of romantic ambiance, while a pit is fun for families who want to host a s’mores and hotdog style bonfire.
Yours will be the most fun backyard in the neighborhood, you might never want to go back inside!

5. Try barbecuing

If you haven’t already, this summer is THE summer to invest in a barbecue. You have the option of going “all out” with a built in BBQ, but there are plenty of places to purchase a smaller barbeque if you are on a budget but still want to get the job done.  If the smell of a hot juicy burger sizzling on a grill isn’t enough to convince you, how about the fact that barbecues are easy to prepare and cook with. If you’re really hungry but don’t want to spend a ton of time prepping an entire meal, fire up the grill and start emptying out the fridge. 
Barbecues are also a great way to get family and friends, or the neighborhood, together. 


6. Add some ambiance

Nothing is more cozy than a well lit outdoor space, especially around sunset. Give your backyard a touch of ambiance with cool forms of lighting. String Christmas lights across the yard to instantly feel like you’re on an Italian getaway. Position several tiki torches in the grass or planter boxes, and your family will feel they are at a Hawaiian luau. If you’re looking for more of a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere, adorn the yard with dozens of twinkling candles! We don't want you to burn down your house either; there are fake versions that are very realistic - the flames even flicker - and no one will ever know.

If these reasons weren’t enough to get you excited about prepping your backyard for summer, move to Antarctica.