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Why Have a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Looking to get a little more for your real estate listing? Sure, you can paint that front door red and add a few flowerbeds, but curb appeal can only get you so far. One secret to asking more for your home is having a pre-listing inspection.
By understanding exactly what the issues are in your property, you can either fix them or list at an accurate price, avoiding the hassle of negotiation when the buyer does his or her own inspection to reveal your furnace needs work or your windows need replacing. The following points break down exactly how a pre-listing inspection can help you list your home for more:

·      80% of all real estate deals are conditional on a home inspection.
Be PROACTIVE and stand out from the competition by performing a pre-listing inspection for when it is time to sell. This has the potential to attract a higher offer, meaning more money for you and a bigger commission for your agent.

·      For every $1,000 of perceived defect, the buyer will ask for $3,000 to $5,000 reduction off the asking price.
You want to know about the issues NOW, not when the buyer's inspector shows up.

·      Better Negotiating Power
The owner and listing agent should be the most informed people when it comes to the house, you do not want to encounter surprises. When you know about the potential issues of the home, you can discuss between owner and seller, if the better option is to fix them or leave the option to the buyer.

·      You can also utilize the pre-listing inspection as a marketing tool. This is particularly effective in hot and competitive real estate markets.