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Five Important Condo Safety Tips

While living in a condo building or apartment building has its advantages, there are still several important home security things to keep in mind. Here are five tips to keep your unit safe from unwanted visitors.

Be alert

This should go without saying but unfortunately; sometimes people forget to be mindful. Pay attention when walking in stairwells, meeting your neighbors and know the general layout of your building.

Deny entry

If your building requires a key to get in, don’t feel rude not holding the door open for someone behind you. If they’re a tenant they’ll probably be happy that you’re not letting strangers into the building.

Update your lock

You should change your front door lockset when you move in. The past owner could still have copies of the key, as could their friends or neighbors. Changing the lockset will take only 20 minutes and save you countless hours of worry.

Lock up

Again, should go without saying but lock your front door at all times! The majority of burglars gain entry through an unlocked door. Even if you’re just grabbing the mail or running your laundry to the basement, there’s no reason not to take 5 seconds to lock up. Also, avoid using a hide-a-key, because despite your best attempts, burglars know where to look.

Lighten up

Let your building supervisor know about any lights out in common areas such as the lobby, parking lot or hallways. If you notice anything out of the ordinary – like open or broken windows or malfunctioning locks – tell your building supervisor.

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